I used my google voice phone to call the 888 number to access AudioPal recording.  They only allow about 60 seconds of record time via phone.  There is an international number and a toll free number for US and Canada.  You enter a code and then record via phone and are given options to save, re-record ... worked great.

You should check out as it offers text to audio, phone in (however very short message allowed), microphone recording and upload of mp3.  Once you record by one of the methods then you enter your email address and retrieve the link to get the embed code in the email you receive.  You can also post directly to various sites as well.

Sample of audiopal upload of mp3.  Works and is in stereo!

Text to Audio using AudioPal.  Offers different voice choices.

Sample of using microphone to record to AudioPal. 




Thx Joan, I like it. Very simple to use..only draw back is the 60 second time limit!

i see that is it not an actual site like a social network, no pages, just offers a widget. those are really the only 2 issues i have, otherwise i like it alot! thanks for sharing

I can't get these to play? ... I don't think my browser supports them

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