AudioBoo now has private voice messaging

That's right, AudioBoo has listened to their member's suggestions to add private voice messaging.  This bringing them one step closer to Snapv!ne in features.  So far Chirbit, and AudioBoo now have private messaging, which puts them a step ahead of CinchCast in my book, but CinchCast has the ability to "blog via phone", a much sought after feature by us  Snapv!ne veterans. However, I have read in AudioBoo's support forums that they are planning on adding back a previous feature to allow members to blog via phone that they call PhoneBoo. I also have been talking with Ivan " the deloper of Chirbit", and he says he has plans to add a "blog via phone feature" to Chirbit soon as well.

As far as widgets go, I am most impressed with AudioBoo's widgets as they have a very versatile widget for embedding and displaying your blog in three different formats including your blog posts. your followers blog posts, or your favorite blog posts. Cinchcast has some nice widgets as well as far as I have seen. This is an area that I think Chirbit needs to improve in.

All in all, I  feel that all of these sites have their advantages, and weaknesses over each other and it will be exciting to see who comes closest to having all of the features that we helped invent, and loved so much on Snapv!ne




Jeff, nice analysis.  I agree audioboo has potential. For me, it is one of the audio posts that I can retrieve via my iPhone or iPad using the browser on my mobile device.   

Is audioboo private messages just messages to other users or is this going to extend to the actual audioboo posts?  This is something that is also important.  I want a way to post an audioboo, but have it private as well.  If I am posting some goofy stuff for Crapvine, I don't want it posted on another site such as to the whole world necessarily.

For me, I can't access the vocaroo or podbean or cinch posts put on Crapvine via my iphone while traveling.  I can hear the audio boos, most of the chirbits on Crapvine.  I like to hear you guys and be able to comment to you in return.  Just being able to post via the others can be done from my end on my iphone and through my browser on the iphone, but in a round about way for most of these sites. 

Hard to find one thing that will do it all. Cinch comes close, but it has it's problems as well.  Anything I want to embed from cinch to my regular blog series cannot be accessed by users who have iphone unless I do some HTML code modifications.  All of this is a pain.  Snapvine also had the same problem as most audio source codes use java and flash which is not supported by iphone.  

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