Post a Chirbit via iphone

You can record your audio using your iphone voice memo app and submit it from your iphone ( This is the perfect way to post your audio on the go )


I found some settings for iphone on my "Settings" page on Chirbit also:




Thanks Jeff, I'll check it out.  Going to watch some movies now.  Have a nice evening.

I tested it out, but had no results.  The first 3 tests didn't go through due to my technical errors.  I finally got the right email address to use, settings, but did not go through either.  So not sure what I am doing wrong or if the posting is not working correctly.  :-)

Update:  Needed to fix setting on the return email address and all worked well.  Got a test post to go from voice memo app on iphone to chirbit.  

Hey - I am going to like this edit option on posts and comments.  Look I learned to use the strike through instead of delete keys.  Awesome!

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